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Easy to learn and use.  You can tell a lot about a program just by the way it looks. Chances are a program that looks and feels modern and contemporary is one that has kept up with the latest technology. And one that looks archaic and flat has not.

Anthology LLCAnthology's interface has the look and feel that is familiar to anyone who is used to contemporary Windows software. Standard menus, drop-down lists, and lookup assistants make learning Anthology easy and intuitive--so much so that many users never need the context-sensitive help or manual.

Everything you need to run your bookstore.  Unlike some products on the market today, Anthology is a mature, fully-featured inventory control and POS system for booksellers, a robust program that is based on twenty years' experience in helping bookstores work more efficiently.

Highly customizable (the Cash Register screen alone has more than 40 user-configurable options), Anthology has a host of powerful features for managing special orders, purchase orders, and receiving, not to mention tools for off-site sales, in house gift cards, frequent buyer clubs and other great features. Used books, rentals and lending, and support for touchscreen cash registers in the cafe are just some of the options available to Anthology users.

To get some sense of the depth and power of Anthology, please take a look at our document Anthology: Anthology features and functionality.pdf.

Configurations for nearly any business requirement. Anthology offers a variety of configurations designed to accommodate businesses of all sizes, small to large. Let us help you find which one is best for your business.


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Connect with your customers.  Booksellers who connect with their customers are thriving in today's new markets. Local communities are recognizing the importance of local bookstores and smart booksellers are reaching out with tools like frequent buyer clubs, offsite sales at community events, and sophisticated customer relationship marketing. Anthology makes it easy to connect with your customers with fully integrated email; support for your website , IndieCommerce, or custom sites); and sophisticated tools for bookfairs or pop-up sales events.

“Using the integrated email functionality in Anthology, I can now handle my special order notifications in 30 minutes, instead of paying my staff to make phone calls for three hours.  It also gives our customers a new way to communicate with us, and helps to open the door for emails we send about special events, etc.  What a great feature!”

Josie L., Flying Pig Children’s Books, Shelburne, VT - " 2008 Lucile Micheels Pannell Award for best children's bookstore"

Connect with your business.  Good business people need and use good information about every aspect of their operation. Anthology offers a rich suite of customizable reports; powerful tools like Query, which lets you select groups of inventory, customer, or vendor records for reporting, export to spreadsheet and other formats, or mass actions like ordering, contacting, or deleting; and the ability to drill down into your data from within the interface as you work on purchase orders and other documents. If you have a multi-store operation, Anthology Multistore offers unmatched insight into and control of every store in your organization from a single computer.

And Anthology does not chain you to a computer at your store. Connect from outside the store using a Windows computer with Internet access.

Connect with vendor partners. No bookstore is an island. You need to be able to communicate easily with vendors and other partners. Anthology provides for electronic ordering with all major publishers and wholesalers; real time information available at the click of a mouse on stocking availability at your vendors warehouse; integrated email communication concerning purchase orders, receiving, and returns; tight integration with third-party services like Above the Treeline's Edelweiss and used books markets on the web; and adding new intentory using quick, transparent, and powerful web databases like Bowker's Books-in-Print; Ingram Content; and Baker & Taylor's Content Cafe.

Connect with Anthology.   When you select and inventory control system, you are not just buying a product but also forming a relationship. The company that is behind your system is almost as important as the software itself. At Anthology, we go the extra mile to help our users--not just with our great phone support; but also with resources like video tutorials, white papers and online Help.

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To learn more about the special and unique features of Anthology, please see our pdf booklet "Anthology: Features and Functionality"